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Changing Future Care Dates on Phone

Rules for changing future care dates:

You may move any scheduled care to another day as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • You must move the care date before 12PM the day before care is to take place

  • You cannot change the care type

  • As an example - If I wanted to change a PM Care on Wednesday 9/18 for one of my children, I can move that care to any other day in the future as long as I need PM care on that day. In this case, I will move it to Monday 9/23.

  • If I only needed AM care on 9/23 I will schedule that AM care only for 9/23

  • You can move that care type as many times as you would like as long as it meets the above two rules.

Things you cannot do:

  • You cannot change scheduled care if it is past 12PM the day before care under any circumstances. This includes child illness.

  • You cannot change the value of a care type towards a different care type.

  • Ex. You cannot change a PM care for a Full Day care and pay the difference

  • You cannot get a credit back on care that has been scheduled and paid for

How to change care on your phone:

When using a browser on a computer you can change any scheduled days by left clicking on the child and dragging it to any other date that fits our criteria above. Please be aware this change will not be reflected on your invoice statements.

Changing Dates in the Future:

  1. Determine which days you want to change and what date you want to change them to

  2. Select the child, care type and current date you want to change

  3. Select the Date you would like to move care to

  4. Click Submit to make this change


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