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Developing the

whole child today...

For students it’s fun and developmental, for parents it’s easy, for educators it’s supportive and safe

The Stars Kid

Our STARS Kid activities are  built to promote Whole Child development

Developing the whole child through quality education in a structured environment

Parents have busy lives, we want to make their child care needs easy!

We provide a turn-key before and after school care  solution for you and your parents!

Before School

Parents log in children via tablet, greeted by Directors, Leaders and students with a STARS Kid welcome!

Children assemble at a central table with Leader, and name the 5 areas that are important to their development.

Leaders can choose which of 5 areas of focus -- Safety, Teamwork, Activities, Respect and Service.


At 8AM children organize to transition to their classes.  .

After School

Children assemble at central table with Director or Leader for a  group activity around that morning’s Development Area. 

Groups  rotate after 30-45 minutes.

Parents pick up children and check out via tablet.

Center closes at about 6 PM after the last child is picked up

Enhance the Classroom Experience

For students it’s fun and developmental, for parents it’s easy, for educators it’s supportive and safe.

Enhance Classroom



Our curriculum is developed internally by our team of experts to provide the highest quality care

We structure our curriculum to emphasize our 5 Core areas of focus.

Safety, Teamwork, Activities, Respect, and Service.

STARS kid Care Makes Greatness Accessible

We Work to Help Every Family

One of our core motivations is to ensure that every child has a safe enriching environment regardless of the family’s financial situation


Our materials and activities are available in Spanish and English.


We offer support for high-need families through government or not for profit third party programs. 

School Staff and Military Discounts

We offer a discount to teachers and administrative staff, to provide a cost-effective, safe environment for children as you start or wrap up your busy day


Active Military members also receive a discount for child care

Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)

We provide CCCAP information and guidance to ensure that parents know the qualification requirements, and how to apply.


We offer bilingual Spanish/English support to parents during the application process, and strive to help all qualified families receive assistance.





We make before and after care easy for every family, including those that don’t speak English as their first language. We’re dedicated to providing all of our materials and information for parents in Spanish as well as English.


Queremos hacer del  cuidado antes y después de la escuela fácil para cada família incluyendo aquellos que el inglés no es su primer idioma. Estamos dedicados a proveer todo nuestro material e información para padres, en español así como en ingles.

Accessible Greatness

our Staff is our Most IMportant Asset

Staff Selection

Staff selection includes strict background check, behavioral interview, in-depth reference check and High 5 Kids values alignment.

Seasoned Executive Team is experienced in developing and retaining staff to ensure low turnover.

We hire bilingual Spanish/English staff from the adjacent community, as needed.

Accessible Process

Internal Software & Reporting

We use technology to evaluate and track every important piece of our business

  • Real time scheduling and attendance reporting

  • Performance monitoring of every employee and school

  • Accessible data through the cloud so everyone that is authorized is in the know!

Risk Management

We integrate each school’s current emergency procedures.

School staff is fully trained in our procedures and risk management policies to ensure Safety First for our students and community.

A quarterly review of our risk management strategy is required of all on-site and management employees.

We Achieve greatness through Accountability

Better before and after care through better systems and developing staff

Our curriculum is delivered weekly to Directors through our internally developed software, which helps us to ensure both a structured and fun environment for whole child development.

Directors choose their site-specific daily activities from the required STARS Kid Care week’s activities to ensure our requirements are met in all 5 Development Areas.

Directors are able to rate and review any curricula to help ensure that all of our curricula provide fun, development, and a productive environment for all students.

Curriculum Tracking and Feedback for Accountability

Parents are busy: 

We make it easy

Email Updates For Parents
Online Scheduling and Payments

Parents can easily schedule out a day, a week or a month right from their phone

Parents can handle all of their billing needs through their mobile device with ease

On a weekly basis we provide parents with updates of all of their child’s activities with pictures!

We include school information to assist administrators in keeping parents informed

Easy for Parents

Friends of the Principal

We strive to bring the school administration into the process and provide visibility to your student’s experience

Turnkey Solution

Because it’s easy to work with High 5 you can focus on your job without worrying about your B&A program

We work with you to share our whole child   STARS Kid Development with your parents

  • Comprehensive communication process and platform ensures all parents have the information they need

NO SURPRISES (except good ones!)

  • We give your Administration the information they need to stay current with STARS Kid Development

Make It Easy

It is our privilege to work with you, your parents, and students.  We want to support you in every way.

How we can help you:

  • Complimentary care for any child, with advance notice, during back to school night and PTO meetings

  • LEVERAGE our automated email and  text platform to help remind parents of your school events and announcements

Daily Reporting

We provide your office a report of expected attendance

Automated notifications of any bumps and bruises reports

Automated notifications of any behavioral reports

Monthly report on our curriculum and needed resources


Any additional information on request

Easy for Principals
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