Scheduling Care For your child

You can schedule care through one of two ways:

  1. Schedule through your browser:

    • On a laptop or desktop computer the easiest way to schedule​ is through your browser.  

    • Generally we recommend using Google Chrome.  If you experience any issues use Google Chrome and they should be fixed.

    • To schedule care through a browser visit

  2. Schedule through the phone or tablet app:

    • If you are scheduling on your phone or think you will primarily schedule through your phone it is much easier to use the App.  ​

    • Follow the instructions below to schedule and pay for care.


  1. Select "Add Care Dates"

  2. Select your children​

  3. Select your care date

  4. Select your care types (if you need both AM and PM  make sure you select both

  5. Once you have completed adding your care dates click the back button

  6. Click the Submit Payment button

  7. Enter your payment information

Adding additional Days

  1. After you have added your first day, click the + button at the top right of the screen

  2. Select your children, date and care type

  3. If you need to add more care dates continue to use the + button until complete

  4. Once you are finished click the back button and then Submit Payment

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