Ricardo Flores Magon (RFMA) 

5301 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80221
Director :
Nayeli Rodriguez
Staff Bio:
Contact Information:
Phone: 720-757-7995
Spanish Speaking Phone #: 
303-219-9515 Ext. 6

Hi, my name is Nayeli and I am the STARS Director
at RFMA. I was born and raised in Colorado. I grew up in Arvada
until I was 15. Then, I moved to Mexico for about 7 years before I
came back here to Denver. I really enjoyed my time in Mexico. I got to see another side of the world I didn't know
about. This is also where I attended college and got my bachelors degree in Psychology. When I was in school so many
factors kept pushing me towards working with kids. After graduation, I realized I
missed Colorado so I decided to come back. I am now a mom of 2 two amazing
boys. We really love going hiking, and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I love my family, and am
really grateful for all that life has given me. Being able to
work with kids at STARS, and bring smiles to their faces every day is priceless.

License #: 1732250

Tax ID#: 84-1507140


AM Only:                    $7.00

PM Only:                    $16.00

AM & PM                   $23.00

Full Day:                     $38.00

Half Day:                    $22.00

Full Day Field Trip    $45.00

Hours & Services

AM Care:                 6:30 AM - School Start 

PM Care:                 School End - 6:00 PM

Full Day Care:         6:30 AM - 6:00 PM 

Summer Care:        6:30 AM - 6:00 PM